Whatever You Like /Bobby

                                  Words and music by Ivalyn Bethune (2006-2011)

Verse I

All these vibes, bear my feelings for you friend

All these vibes, I have vying for your attention

ever since I place, my eyes on you

I have been waiting to capture your view


Take a second glance.

Take a second glance.

Take a second glance, friend see

See me making eyes at you.

See the branch I’m handing you.

Take a second glance, friend see.

Verse II

All these vibes saying “I’d like to be your girl.”

All these vibes spending time at the gates of your world.

I’ve been dropping clues, across the floor.

Just between your, and my open door.




See my passions they’re in no way disguised.

See my tempting yearning adoring cries.


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publishing LLC/ Choice in Music Publishing LLC

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