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Cops That Behave Like Pigs

Because of the new age of videos on cell phones, more and more outrageous acts on civilians, by police have been coming to light:

  1. Walter Scott being shot in the back while running for his life from police;
  2. Samuel Dubois killed because of a cop’s bruised ego;
  3. Freddie Gray Dies in police custody;
  4. Cops shoot man who carried a BB gun; he intended to buy while in Wal-Mart;
  5. Police car mows down mentally ill suspect;
  6. Moments leading up to Eric Garner’s subsequent death.

Moreover, not only do  the videos show police behaving badly, it shows that their actions are overwhelmingly against African American Males. Still, no matter how outrageous the actions of the cops in question, they are always backed up by some Police Chief’s statement that their actions were simply a part of doing their job. The fact is that they are all part of the union, or what I would prefer to call a “fraternity” that answers to no one but themselves… you know “see no evil, do no evil…I got your back,  that kind of mentality.” Why should any union be that powerful?

Most egregious are some cops behavior towards children. For example, in these videos whereas the cop tries to arrest a bikini teenage African American female at a pool party: Bikini clad teenager girl arrested, and recently gave a summons to this child for jay-walking: Police body slams teenager for Jay walking. Indeed,, they seem to be constantly trying to arrest Black women’s babies for every little stupid thing. Also, when they try to make these unfounded arrests they want the child to go with them without any resistance. What planet do they live on that they think anyone naturally endowed with instinctive reaction, and will naturally react negatively in the face of adversity, is not going to flinch while being ruffed-up by them?  The fact is that a cop often ruff up a civilian for no reason other than that he got his ego bruised, because he gave a command and it was not immediately complied with.

It certainly seems that the more videotapes capture police behaving badly, is the more videotapes capture police behaving badly. For example, in the case of the jay-walking incident mentioned earlier the  Stockton PD public information officer of California where the incident occurred said this: “If people would comply with lawful orders from law enforcement officers and not try to grab or take away any of our weapons, force would never have to be used.” First of all the investigation was not even complete before this rat starts making allegations about a child trying to maneuver a cop. Ultimately, he was setting up the public, so that they will begin to get an idea of how this one is also going to play out… no reprimand, but the usual talking points “just a cop doing his so job.” With comments like this how does anyone expect the selves-anointed Lords of the human race to tone down their behavior? How do you expect that their outrageous actions will not continue to be captured on videos? It is almost as if they enjoy the spectacle.

The fact is that many cops show off a power…akin to being anointed; but by whom, the fraternity that shields them in times of their wicked deeds? It is high time that cops realize that wearing a badge, ‘makes them not’ the Lord Jesus Christ … ‘makes them not’ persons that must be obeyed. It is high time that police, especially those who have been behaving like pigs and treating other humans like pigs, get some appropriate training. They must be trained on how to police within minority communities. They must be trained on how to recognize when some things are just petty, and should be left alone rather than cause its escalation. Samuel Dubois, Eric Garner, Walter Scott… all murdered over petty issues. Police must begin to learn how to diffuse a situation before it gets to a baton or a bullet. They must be taught to deal with children with more of a parental touch rather than being a bully trying to subjugate. Lastly they need to learn to temper their bruised ego rather than react because of it.