Pretty Guy/Cant Get Enough of Your Charm

Verse I

Pretty guy, I am not some kind of spy,

Though I claim a glance or two

My eyes simply wonder some times

Pretty I just wouldn’t stare at you,

Except in my absence of mind

I don’t have that kind of time

Still when your eyes meet mine;

It may be some kind of sign

So when your eyes meet mine

Engage them instead of turning a way,

You’ll see that they cannot harm.


Pretty guy you’re so easy on the eyes’

I cant get enough of your charm.

Verse II

Pretty guy please don’t you roll your eyes at me,

My gazes aren’t meant for you,

They’re meant for the birds going by

Pretty guy I’d follow their every move,

‘Til they slip away from my view,

But you simply caught my eye.  

Please don’t look so alarmed,

My eyes can cause you no harm,


Pretty guy you’re so easy on the eyes,

 I cant get enough of your charm.


Can’t stay away from you; for you I so admire.

Can’t ignore what’s to my liking about you,

For it’s someone like you I desire.


Verse III

Pretty guy I wish you’d simply smile,

When you catch my eyes on you

Portray a more personable side,

 Pretty Guy I’d add to my list of traits,

That fuel my attraction for you

As seen through my wayward eyes,

 So won’t you stay a while;

And read this list I’ve compiled

Learn what I think of you;

Between the lines it’s easy to see,

There is no need for alarm


 Pretty guy you’re so easy on the eyes,

 I can’t get enough of your charm.

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