I’m Thankful

Verse 1

I was riding against the tide of a stormy ocean

With every floating straw like a life line to me…


Cho 1

I am thankful fate gives second chances

I am thankful trees are natures gift to the ground…


Verse 2

They are simple the things we sometimes argue over

For just like so many relationship ours have its ups and downs

But there’s no place for grudge fights are over when over,

For space is so tight between us, feud have no place to thrive


Ramp II

The wall can been narrow the wall can been wide

‘Cause we’re entitled to our insight .


Cho 2

I am thankful for forgiveness’ reasoning

I am thankful peace core workers are knocking on doors

And to you who bring me the roses

I’m thankful yesterday today and tomorrow I’m thankful

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