Still This Time In My Dreams

Verse 1

Mika and and me, how we used to walk hand in hand,

Picture perfect times when we were one.

Times when there was harmony, and contentment of mind

When sharing of his others thoughts was how we used to climb.


I to turn my eyes, away from the sun

To see the way you smile, when you’re having fun

Pretending  you and I Mica, have something new

Still, this time in my dreams, I’m poking fun at you

Verse 2

Twelve o’clock looms and i’m wide awake once again

Sky blue waters lashing at ours heel

Images suspended floating intertwined

I’m content with happiness cluttering my




Pretending you and Mica started a new,

Still this time in my dreams , I’m poking fun at you

(c) 2008 All Copyrights Reserved, Soundworld Publishing LLC

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