Castle in The Sky/Elusive Dreams

                               Written and composed by Ivalyn  Bethune 2012-2019

Verse 1

Feelings for you, weigh on my mind,

No end in sight

You now lounge in my private space,

Morning, noon and night

My instincts tell me,

I should try wearing my heart on my sleeve

My courage is hooked on moving slow,

And miles away fro me


Still in my seemingly elusive dreams,

I would tell you you’re the one for me

And telling you you are the one for me,

Part of my elusive scheme

I’d write love letters in kind,

Though I know you’d never see a line

You and I, in my castle in the sky

Verse 2

Like the drifter,

I’d roam the streets from time to time

My eyes wondering from face to face,

keeping yours in mind

The way to  greet you,

rehearsed a thousand times,

should we meet

I came across you suddenly,

I’m too tongue tied to speak



I feel my hearts unrest,

from the magnet of your gorgeousness,

But I don’t know that your gorgeousness,

Is enough for me

And in light of this uncertainty,

And til the answers come to mind

I won’t let you in on my fantasy,

The time just isn’t right


Copyrights (c) 2012 All Rights Reserved, Sound World Publishing LLC, Choice In Music Publishing LLC

Music Publisher, Producer, Singer, Songwriter

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