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Kids poisoned by Lead in Flint Michigan

Lead Poisoning of children and legionnaires disease: a case of Environmental Racism in the City of Flint Michigan.

The governor thought it more expedient to allow the children of the working class poor of Flint to drink poison rather than risk a deficit in the budget.

The governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder had to be shamed into action by the national media, regarding the lead poisoning of Flint’s children. However, he continues to do nothing substantial to alleviate the problem. The one thing that he seems to be doing and very well is blame the failure that precipitated the crisis on the management originally appointed by him. What kind of leader blames his staff for is own lack of oversight? The fact that Rick Snyder knew about the lead crisis well before it went national and did nothing about is criminal. He must be held accountable

Rachael Maddow holds town meeting in Flint
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Flint Michigan Lead Poisoning Crisis

Source: Flint Michigan Lead Poisoning Crisis

Flint Michigan Lead Poisoning Crisis

Residents Poisoned by Drinking Water in Prominent City

The Town of Flint decided to switch its drinking water from Lake Huron to the Flint River. River water needs to be treated before consumption, because it tends to have high levels of lead not normal for human consumption.  Nevertheless, Rick Snyder Governor of the state of Michigan allowed the water to be consumed without being treated. Over the two-year period that span the water switch, healthcare officials began to notice high levels of lead in the blood stream of their patients. They were suspicious of the drinking water and they, along with other experts, brought their concerns to the attention of the governor’s office. But the environmentalists there told them the water was perfectly safe to drink; therefore they should “relax.” Recently, the governor and his staff have come to acknowledge that there is a problem with the water. Today the city of Flint has no clean drinking water and is relying on charitable institutions and companies like Wal-Mart. Notably, the government should have also been providing water but was not.

Some cities in the state of Michigan have been going through some financial crisis, and as result the government is low on financial resources. However, the governor had the option of asking for aid from the Federal Government and from FEMA.  But it seems Mr. Snyder was apparently too much of  a self-righteous partisan to ask the Democratic,  GOP despised President Obama for help. It is not until he got shamed by the national media that Snyder decided to ask for Federal aid. Aside from the lead poisoning,  there have been 87 cases of Legionnaires disease in Flint, of which 10 people have died.

If Snyder thinks that he would  bankrupt the state by providing water for his working class constituents, he should wait and see how bankrupt the state will become as a result of the funds that he is going to have to pay out in lawsuits to compensate for the lead poisoning and Legionnaires disease if it’s also linked to the contaminated water supply.  The people of Flint human rights have been violated, and as a result they should ask Mr. Snyder to step down or call for his impeachment. After all, some might say what he  and his environmentalists have done is practically criminal.


On the other hand, you could put this lead poisoning incident under the heading of Environmental Racism1. Most of the people affected by this are black working class people. Would Snyder have acted faster if they were not minorities? Would Snyder have made sure the water was treated for consumption had it not been for minorities? This is a tragedy, and at a time when we have been trying to raise awareness about environmental racism.

Rick Snyder’s Anti-Democratic Policies

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Snyder pressed for action on Flint Water Crisis

Shell Oil Drilling a Flop

Shell has conducted an assault on the Arctic Ocean for seven years and to the tune of 7 billion dollars. But we have learned yesterday, September 28, 2015, that their efforts did not return enough oil. As a result, they have determined that it would not be profitable enough for them to keep the pursuit going.

For those of us who side with the environmentalists, and the environmentalists themselves this is a huge win. On the other hand, there is a gaping hole in the Arctic Ocean that should not have been put there in the first place. This makes it no longer a pure place that was developed by nature, but one maimed by capitalists who sought to use it as a means of making themselves wealthier ‘than they already are.’ Besides, it is a well-known fact that carbon emissions to the atmosphere, which would be the eventuality of this product, are a problem for  our ecosystem. Moreover, it is a great disrespect to this system, when greed causes capitalists such as Shell to disregard the consequences of oil and gas emissions in order to make a profit. Shell should spend some of its already vast wealth investing in ways that reduce carbon emissions, rather than in ways that seek to grow oil, so that they can sell it cheaper and therefore attract buyers. At a time when we need to lessen the number of cars on our roads, bridges and tunnels, Shell should not be seeking to sell oil cheaper, since that would only encourage them.

There are those who would argue that the expansion would mean more jobs, but as far as I am concerned, in this kind of situation, the end does not justify the means. Indeed, to me, shell’s biggest misstep was to throw 7 billion dollars down the hole of a barren space instead of using it to feed the many hungry people, here in the United States and around the world.

Shell found no oilSHELL

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