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Scott Walker Quits GOP Presidential Race

This is utterly amazing. Of all the candidates I did not expect Walker to quit so soon, but it is good news. If he was elected president you would be stuck with all his horrible ideas such as opposing the minimum wage, defunding planned parenthood; repealing Obama Care among others. You would also have to listen to his constant denial of climate change issues. It is good that he has decided to exit the race. After all, it is a known fact that he has made the education system and other agencies of Wisconsin unsubstantial. Unfortunately, he survived the recall perpetrated by his constituents for these debacles. He continued to ravage the state, and as a result was not even polling well there. In order to be president you have to be able to at least win your own state. So if Walker could not convince his own constituents that he is ‘any good,’ then how did he expect to win over the rest of the population?

Donald Trump Meets His Match

Donald Trump… for President of the United States? At first I found his racist anti-immigrant and anti-establishment rants, very funny, because he sounded much more like he was in the role of a comedian out for entertainment. He had this crude way of communicating with is base, which is hardly the style expected from someone who considers himself an upper class learned business person, much less someone interested in being the leader of the free world. So why would anyone take him seriously?

The speeches that he gives at his rallies are so unsubstantial they make “your head spin” to coin ‘his’ phrase. All he does is attack, attack, and attack. Ok so Jeb Bush is a little lack luster, but doesn’t the Donald have any other language in his vocabulary to describe him but weak? Laterally, he is so thin-skinned that he wants to sue you if you suggest that his hair looks like a toupee. He wants to be able to say mean things about people, but if anyone dare ‘speak the truth about him’ they get the threat of a lawsuit. How is he that different from the big money establishments that give donations to candidates in order later have them push their upside down priorities if elected. (Trump swears accepting donations from… says he cant be bought) when he too uses his money to assuage an upside priority, his bruised ego?

Trump’s language on minorities is divisive and rather frightening. Trump as president would push this country on its backside in a way that it may never recover. Does trump think that he can run this country without the interactions of minority? It is absolutely absurd for him to think that, having balanced his checkbook over and over again on the backs of the minority poor and marginalized of this country. We must remember the acclaimed Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton after all they gave us “broken windows theory” didn’t they? It is because of them why our jails are so filled with people serving ridiculous time for minor offenses. The prison crisis has become such a financial burden for the establishment that they have begun fixing it by outsourcing LOL: Whoever heard of such a thing as outsourcing prisons? The thing that makes me most uncomfortable is that this has become a new frontier that neoliberalism capitalists are profiting from. There have been an awful story about a Judge Mark Ciavarelli (Judge pleads guilty to scheme ) who sentenced teenagers on petty misdemeanors to this prison simply because he was part of a scheme to fill up this jail with people to make a profit.

There is a danger in how Donald Trump dismisses minorities as if they are none entities. I recall the reporter Jorge Ramos an upstanding citizen of the Latino American community. Mr. Trump dismissed him as if he was a non-entity because he asked a question out of turn, a question that so offended Mr. Trump because it cut to heart of his radical suggestions of ways to deal with illegal immigrants and the border crisis, which he has been spouting off about since he launched his campaign. He actually told Mr. Ramos to go back to Univision, and when challenged by reporters about his actions, pretended like he did not know whom this very established reporter was. I was very troubled by how Mr. Ramos was being treated by Mr. Trump.

Yes, I was laughing at his crude comedic comments in the beginning of his campaign, but when I saw that I stood up and took notice. You should consider what you would be getting into should you elect someone who would treat another human being in pubic the way the Donald, treated Mr. Ramos. If Trump is such a tyrant in public, who will he be in private, another Richard Nixon doing underhanded deeds and trying to fire his aides if they do not carry out his request to destroy the evidence?

The idea of Trump as president is daunting to say the least. People need to stop looking at this none-talking points bully with stars in their eyes, and start using their brains to assess that so far he as offered nothing more than divisiveness of citizenry for this country.