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Scott Walker Quits GOP Presidential Race

This is utterly amazing. Of all the candidates I did not expect Walker to quit so soon, but it is good news. If he was elected president you would be stuck with all his horrible ideas such as opposing the minimum wage, defunding planned parenthood; repealing Obama Care among others. You would also have to listen to his constant denial of climate change issues. It is good that he has decided to exit the race. After all, it is a known fact that he has made the education system and other agencies of Wisconsin unsubstantial. Unfortunately, he survived the recall perpetrated by his constituents for these debacles. He continued to ravage the state, and as a result was not even polling well there. In order to be president you have to be able to at least win your own state. So if Walker could not convince his own constituents that he is ‘any good,’ then how did he expect to win over the rest of the population?