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Apps: A Source for Manipulating Consumer Spending

Is it just me or do others realize that they are being skillfully manipulated into spending as a result interacting with apps?

Has anyone noticed that there has been a barrage of apps and a big push towards everything, and every company being its own app? They want your shopping experience to be through the Amazon app, the eBay app etc. They want your video experience to be through the “AAB app;” the “NBB app;” the “SBS app” your audio experience: the “This app” the “That app.”

I open up my browser and venture into cyberspace, I see a news article, I want to read more, I click on it and  black space comes up with a caption download the “This app.” I click off because I am completely annoyed. I guess I wont be seeing that article, because I refuse to download the “This app,”  because I know it is not free and that I am going to resent the barrage of ads that comes with it. . As you can see I have a real problem with this app thing.

Let me deviate a little. Remember pop ups, and how annoying they were. Then our browsers began allowing us to be able to block them. Asa result,  this is their way of being able to push ads without us being able to block them. Indeed, they feel that by your use of their app on your device, you have granted them permission to advertise to you.

The free games like Solitaire for advertising things like homes  for sale, their pop ups are also ads for purchasing other games, and are  probably the most irritating of them all.  But don’t rule out the weather app, they are the snakes in the grass  and are especially  invasive on android phones .

Apps are designed for monetizing the pusher. One way is by mental manipulation through ads. That is, they brainwash you into thinking that this item that they are advertising, which you could probably otherwise do without, is advantageous for you to have, and you go out and purchase it.

Another way is to rack up revenues based on how many times you open that app and is presumed to have seen a certain commercial. Apps are also used for spying on you, although sometimes with your consent. For example, Sony  does this by asking you to accept an agreement wherein they would be allowed to collect data on what you do on your  smart TV, (which comes with many apps).  Their reasoning is usually that they want to tailor the software to give you a better experience. This is usually not entirely true. Many company who ask your permission to collect s data on how you use apps,  simply want the data to use for developing other software to sell to the public.

Indeed, the fact is that you are not the only one that they have asked, and if you agree to this, then you have simply granted them permission to be spied on for increasing their profit margin.  As a result, Ultimately, you the public should be aware that  data collection is not generic and their collection  have a larger underlying implications than just to help improve your user experience.  So you should consider this when you open close apps  on your whim.

Besides, I analyze the idea of a software company telling me that they collect data to improve my experience along the manifestations of the writings of “George Orwell’s 1984;” in which he stated that there will come a time when ‘Big Brother’ will be watching over you and telling you what to do. Fortunately, I feel that no nobody should be tailoring my experience but me, or if I ask them to. Neither should anyone be covertly telling me what to do by manipulating how I experience these apps.

Furthermore, I see app as another  neoliberalism money making frontier designed to take advantage of the 99 percent in order to financially benefit the 1 percent. Tech giants and their fast moving, and ever changing technology, in some ways, have caused element of addiction. There is  today an avariciousness for technology and as a result you the public have failed to realize how much you are being manipulated by them.

You complain that on a daily basis you have difficulty making ends meet, because your wage is so little, yet as soon as one of these ridiculous app become  available on the market,  you put it on your Android, iPhone, iPod, other,  and begin to plug away at it;  be in awe of it, and shopping for your ‘whatever item’  its adds have brainwashed you to buy.

On the other hand, you spend several hours of your weekend pushing the Netflix button, which now occupy space on your TV remote control, or surfing Hulu, or other apps that have been co-opted on your “smart TV” for something, anything that’s worth the subscription you paid for them.

My question for the you the ’99 percent’ is, when are you going to wake up and realize that you are a collective pawn in the 1 percent’s endless game of manipulating you into spending, with the ultimate goal of racking up revenues for the purpose of sailing in their yachts and hiding from you in their gated communities in the exurbs.

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