Hilary Clinton Picks Tim Kaine as Running Mate

It is a shame that Hilary Clinton picked a white running mate and think because he can speak Spanish Latinos would be happy with it. Clinton has simply showed her interest in the status quo of having white people at he helm of everything. She should have picked a minority whether it be  Chinese, Latino, Black or other, because that would further the precedent that the progressive movement includes  people in power representing a wider swath of the demographics in this country. But Clinton’s goal has always been to win by any means, and you see this playing out in her choice of Kaine as her running mate. His task is to help her win Virginia, and help her woo white Republican votes. Never mind this being seen as her throwing the ‘other’ constituents  under the bus.

The mistake that she is making is to think that minorities, a majority of whom are Democrats, are going to follow her blindly anyway. It is about time that politicians realize that constituents are paying close attention to these elections and part of what they are looking for is substance, especially relative to change; and for Democrats, aside from the opportunity to realize a better way of life, its change on the scope of more minorities having more substantial roles within this country. Clinton had the opportunity of doing this by picking a veep that together with herself would better reflect the electoral demographics, but she chose to go back to the old way of doing things, which is keeping white people at the helm of everything.

Clinton has certainly pulled a whammy. With this pick she has made it clear that it may be another lifetime before America see another Barack Obama type at the helm of this country. She is no better than Donald Trump in picking ‘self’ over the future of the country.

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