Donald Trump’s Speech Made Him Sound Like Someone Who Is Scatter-Brained

Donald Trump delivered his speech much like someone who is scatterbrained. Nothing was cohesive as far as I am concerned. He was all over the place speaking on issue after issue in a discombobulated fashion and offering no concrete solutions. Besides, nothing about this scatterbrained man looked or sounded presidential. The speech i heard had underlying implications his main concern about setting himself up as king in the white house? Trump  wants to be president so much that he will do and say anything to achieve this goal? The Donald has invested in every kind of real estate you could imagine. He is now tired of that hobby and need something else to do… the White House. Heaven help us if that narcissist succeeds. Even as nothing that he says he is going to do he could actually single handedly do, the thought of having someone with his kind of temperament as leader of the free world makes me cringe; for he neither looks like such in stature, nor sounds like he could be when he speaks.

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