Milania Trump’s Plagiarized Speech

Its official, Milania Trump knew that parts of her speech were lifted from First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech of the 2008 Democratic Convention, so says her surrogate Ms Mciver. This is further confirmation that the Trumps know no boundary when it comes to getting what they want. Donald Trump himself set up a phony University and used it to bilk unsuspecting students out of millions of dollars. Then he spouted racism by claiming that he would not get a fair trial because the prosecutor assigned to handle the case is Mexican. Donations that Trump has raised for veterans are still unaccounted for to this day, so either he has lied about receiving such monies or he is it keeping for himself. Furthermore, Trump told you that he has donated millions of dollars to charities, but investigative reporters have yet to find documents to support this claim. In addition Trump’s son, Eric called up reporters and used swear words to them because of the headline written about it. This is the Royal Family that you are fighting to put in the White House.

As you can see this is obviously a very close-knit family. Indeed the Donald won’t even hire qualified advisers to help him with his campaign; he has had his family doing it. This is how much faith he has in them. So imagine them in the white house with their secrets. Imagine the Donald making Ivanka the Secretary of State; Donald Trump Jr. Ambassador and Eric trump Press Secretary. Well who do you think he is going to put in these positions? Right now as you can see they are treating the campaign the way they treat their business…. They all run it together. Obviously they think they can run the White House like that; but as you can see the presumptive King Trump’s campaign is a debacle. Imagine his kids running the white house the way they’ve been running his campaign. Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue! But it does not have to be that way if people wake up and smell the coffee.

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