Donald Trump Jr. Lacked Humility in Making the Case for his Father.


I was shocked at Donald Trump Jr’s tone in making the case for his father. I taught that the younger Trump would have taken a more sedate tone and a better approach in making the case for his father. Instead he went down the same road as his father in hurling insult after insult at the President, the “others” and the potential democratic nominee Hilary Clinton. It is obvious that like his father he has no interest in bringing people of all stripes together. In fact I was so shocked at bellicose tone that I watched the whole speech with my mouth wide opened. In addition to the rhetoric and the moxie, I noticed that his eyes were very red and I thought that he sounded angry more than anything else. If this were my year to vote for a Republican, that tone and rhetoric coming from a member of the nominee’s family, would have turned me off.

To highlight that side of him as he touted his father, as a mentor is to say to the public that this is how he was raised and taught to think and that he was just as arrogant as the elder Trump. In addition, his rhetoric suggested that all the nastiness that his father has been portraying, along the campaign trail, is ok with him.

This leads me to ask this question. Are these the kind of people that you want in the Whitehouse, or should I say (from the looks of things) as potential airs to the impending “throne?”


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