Milania Trump, trumped divisiveness at the Republican National Convention

Milania Trump, trumps divisiveness at the Republican National Convention


The fact that Milania Trump had to spell out that they are going to be inclusive of Latinos Jews, Blacks and Muslims shows just how much Republicans think of themselves as “other.” Our country is very diverse and has been so for decades. Therefore, it is about time that we start leaving out color, religion and race out of our civil conversation. Indeed, it only plays into the narrative of divisiveness. America is not about being black, white green or gold. Anybody that has to point that out must think of himself as different from everybody else, and it is that kind of other-than-you that is at the heart of the restlessness that has been rising among those that have been made to feel like they are other today.

2 thoughts on “Milania Trump, trumped divisiveness at the Republican National Convention”

  1. Donald Trump has railed against President Obama as someone unfit to be President, claiming he was not born here. However, when he need that moxie in against his wife Ivana’s plagiarism he was no where to be found. Just imagine having her, a potential first lady who would address the public for the first time, and her surrogates prepare a speech that when compared side by was the exact same speech given by First Lady Michelle Obama at the 2008 Democratic convention. What is so ironic and yet humorous about this is that she as a Republican crossed over, just for a second to steal the words of a Democrat.


  2. I made a mistake in the spelling of Trumps wife name, called her Ivana instead of Milania. He has had so many wives and with similar names it easy to see how one could mix them up.


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