My Castle In the Sky

Song writing tips: How to use motifs, symmetry,  melismas  and other song writing elements to bring out the prosody of your song. click on the link below to hear these elements.

My castle In The Sky
The song has many of the elements important to song writing, such as  motif, melismas, idioms, metaphors(Many of the metaphors are personifications),  symmetry, asymmetry  and repetition.  The tessitura or range span two octaves as the prosody on the bridge called for another fifth in the addition to the octave and a fifth, which the verses and chorus occupy.
The motifs are repeated as themselves or sometimes tweaked, thus adding symmetry and contrast to the piece
Can you spot  these elements in this song? If you do you are welcome to note them here.

The song is a project studio demo, which means it is not yet professionally produced.

Lastly, the theme of the song  gives voice to everyone who is ever been attracted to someone but reluctant to share it with the person, because they fear it might not be returned. However they think about the attraction more often than you should.
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