Lyric Writing TOOLS

A  lyric writer should find the following items useful:

A) Thesaurus
B) Rhyming dictionary
C) Dictionary of idioms
D) Dictionary
*E) Notebook or tape recorder

*It is important to write down or record lines for your songs as they    come to mind before you forget them. The note pad on your cell or iphone is a great asset by using this you will truly have a lot of your “favorite things” in one place.

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G. Cameron

Federal Appeals Court Decision More Like a Repub. Flub


On Monday, November 8, 2015 President Barack Obama’s plan to protect up to 5 million people living in the United States illegally from deportation was voted down in a ruling from a New Orleans-based federal appeals court.

A ruling like this shows how far the GOP will go to try to protect their sovereignty. After Obama put forth these immigration changes, they swore they would prevent it from coming to fruition. So this is just the beginning of their attempt to roll back the process state by state. Still, this could potentially hinder their bid for the White house; for in order to win it they will need a substantial portion of Latino votes and they just showed them that they are not willing to work with them in this important capacity. Indeed, I fondly await their next move. Maybe they will try to “gerrymander” the Latino’s to get them to vote for them like they gerrymander a number of districts to try to hold a majority congress…forever? Fortunately, they can do neither of these things.