Nurse Kaci Hickox Sues Gov. Christie Over Ebola Quarantining

Kaci Hickox,  the nurse that was quarantined after her return from  serving in a region in  Africa that was greatly affected by the Ebola virus,  has filed a lawsuit  against the Governor for his use of the measure. In my opinion, being a little inconvenienced for a few hours, does not  merit a law suit.  At the time we were all being cautious about preventing the virus from spreading to this region. Relatively, as an a healthcare professional she should have embraced any effort that might help prevent the spread of the disease.   I would like to know what happened to that chivalrous spirit, which led her to put her life on the line to help care for the Ebola patients in the region in the first place. Indeed, she needs to draw upon that same spirit of chivalry instead of being  so mean-spirited.

Besides, she should realize that she is suing the state, not the Governor, and is actually asking taxpayers like herself to foot the bill. If Ms. Hickox wants wealth she  should simply work for it. It is not like she suffered any physical harm, and any mental harm is likely a bruised ego. I hope she comes to her senses and withdraw this petty lawsuit for whatever claims she hatched up; for cynics like myself will only asses it as being inspired by greed.

House Republican’s Approval Ratings Drop as a Result of Benghazi Line of Questioning

I take my hat off to Secretary Clinton for her amazing performance in spite of the RepuGNicants, who are doing nothing but take her down a partisan road to nowhere. Perhaps the Obama Administration should revise their decision not to bring Bush up on war crimes over the Iraq debacle. Furthermore, why was there no 911 special committee convened to find out why the Bush administration did not follow up on intelligence about an imminent threat to us by Al qaeda? It was because he dropped the ball that more than three thousand Americans lost their lives on our soil on September 11, 2001. Indeed, Bush dropped the ball but there was no 911 special committee to make sure he doesn’t get a second term as president or even to impeach him. Could it be that it was because the Democrats held the house majority at the time and at the time was more interested in unity for our country rather than divisiveness?

If the RepuGNicants think that this overreach and public spectacle, which they are making of themselves, over the Benghazi attacks is going to put it together for them to take back the white house in 2016, then they surely did not think things through. It is about time that they come to terms with the fact that the country is tired of them highlighting things that tend to divide, rather than unite us.